In only 30 minutes of conversation, Dr. Urpelainen asked insightful and pointed questions that helped me reflect on my writing and publication process. In the subsequent weeks, I have improved my efficiency, gotten two more publications out the door, revamped the way I track my publication pipeline, and still maintained the work/life balance that I need to continue working at pace during the workday and workweek (i.e., no evening or weekend work). He helped identify ways to better address reviewers' comments about the interdisciplinarity of my research and leverage those as strengths. In spite of this being my first conversation ever with Johannes - no previous interactions, never having met on the conference circuit - he immediately established a collegial rapport. I was so impressed by the depth, quality, and insightfulness of his suggestions, and they were immediately helpful.

- Dr. Leah Windsor, Research Assistant Professor, University of Memphis

Professor Urpelainen guided me to define a clearer structure for my research. In 30 minutes and with just a few key questions, he helped me find a direction for my study. He also offered helpful suggestions for methodology and recommended relevant readings. I found his direct and focused style immensely helpful in developing my research.

- Yunqing Bi, Advisor, German Agency for International Cooperation